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The $1000 Wedding Plan

Updated: Jan 24

So you said, YES! Now the work begins. For the next few months of your life leading up to “The Big Day” you will have many exhausting days of wedding planning, and many frustrating moments when you feel like nothing is getting accomplished. You would love to have a large wedding with all the bells and whistles, but the budget doesn’t allow or you would like to spend your funds elsewhere. Well…...

There are so many wedding ideas on how to cut cost for people planning their weddings. Let’s be real about it. No one has an endless budget. However, your wedding can be a beautiful event filled with elegance, love and beauty on a small budget. You have to be willing to make some compromises about venue, decor and attire. The Before the Bells team has created the quince essential small budget wedding plan that can be accomplished for about $1000. Keep an open mind.

According to Market Watch and online website that reports on money matters, reported that the average price of a gourmet cup of coffee cost $4.24. If you multiply that times working days in a year (261 average) that equates to $1106.64. If you give up gourmet coffee for a year you can subsudize your wedding budget. Just a thought.


This plan is for the couple who would like a small intimate wedding. If you can’t spare the expense of an expensive wedding you can still have a small elegant one. This plan has to be followed exactly. If you add items you will add to the budget. This budget leaves a 20% contingency for a few extra guest or something to splurge on.


As always, if you need assistance with any part of your wedding "ring the bells"



Save the Date

This can be done electronically or by calling those who are not tech savvy. Use Canva to create a cute electronic care. FREE.


The officiant can be a friend or your minister.

Bridal Party

Bride, Groom, Maid/Matron of Honor and Bestman


This wedding will have to take place in a free space. This is usually your home, the home of your parents or a close friend. Between 10% and 20% of all ceremonies/receptions are held at home.


The reception will also need to take place in a free space. Usually the same space as the ceremony.


You will need to rent chairs. The same chairs will be used for the ceremony and reception.

You will have to rent tablecloths (6).

You should be able to borrow some tables (6): 1 for food; 5 for guests ( school, job, neighbors, church)

*Use outdoor patio table for cake (cover with tablecloth)

Bridal Party Flowers

  • Silk Florals - You can make silk flowers DIY or get small bouquets from Michaels or Hobby Lobby already made. Use your coupons!

  • Fresh Flowers - Another choice is roses from Costco Bulk (50 for 39.99)


These decorations will have to make a great statement. Visit the BTB - Wedding Coach Pinterest board for The $1000 Wedding to get ideas. The new craze is paper flowers. You should be able to create beautiful decor using these. Also, the Dollar Tree has great ideas for centerpieces. The wedding plan that you download has a few ideas with details.


Create a program on the computer (free) that is colorful to add to your decor. Make it simple and tie a ribbon at the top of it. Embellish it with dollar tree items. Send wedding invitations by Evite or Punchbowl. These online invitation websites will allow you to invite and manage your RSVPs for free.


Use a close friend who has a good digital camera. They will be glad to give you free service for this momentus occasion.


Your family will be glad to assist with creating food from a set menu that you create (Before the bells has a detailed menu that will fit in this budget). Do not let friends and family bring a smorgasbord of items that do not compliment each other. Your reception can still be an elegant event. You also have the option of purchasing food for this small guest list of 30. This plan can extend from 30 to 50. There is a contingency built in or just add a few more dollars.



  • Purchase storage containers to store all wedding items in and keep them in one space

  • Borrow your mother ‘s and grandmother's china from the china cabinet. Get the china, wash it and wrap it in newsprint (purchase from U-Haul).

  • Borrow silverware from your neighbors, mom, friends (look similar) place them in a ziplock bag

  • Get stemmed glasses from the Dollar Tree (30).

  • Purchase super fancy rectangle-shaped dinner napkins from a party store that match your color scheme


  • Decide where you will set up for the ceremony

  • Inside the living room, dining room, familyroom or outside on a nice day (move the furniture)

  • Set up for the ceremony (even number of chairs on each side)

  • Break down the ceremony area and turn it into a reception space if needed

  • Decorate the tables with roses, eucalyptus leaves and votives



  • Platters (2)

  • Small plates

  • Small cocktail napkins

  • Small clear cups

  • Wine and sparkling cider

  • Grapes, crackers and cheese

  • Set these items up in a room ahead of time, so that guests can transition to this space while the wedding party is taking photos and the reception in being set up


Use this time to take photos with family and friends and socialize with the guest afterwards while waiting for the reception set up.




  • Set up tables and chairs

  • Tableclothes, plates, silverware and glasses

  • Set up decor on table

  • Place tea on table

  • Place bread on the table

  • Place the salad on the table

  • Plate all food and serve guests

  • Music (MP3, Echo, Google Home)


(95% of these items must come from Aldi Grocery Store and Walmart SuperCenter)

30 people + bride and groom

“This menu can be extended by using the contengency funds”

Cocktail Hour

Cheese (2 types)

Cracker assortment

2 bottles of wine and sparkling cider


Baked Herb Crusted Chicken Breast

California Vegetable Medley

Rice Pilaf

Garden Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing

French Bread Baguette

Iced Tea with Lemon



(serves 30 people - bride and groom)

“This menu can be extended by using the contengency funds”

Cocktail Hour

Cheese (2 types)

Cracker assortment

2 bottles of wine and sparkling cider


Chinese Food - Shrimp Fried Rice/ Beef and Brocolli/Black Pepper Chicken

P.F. Chang’s Mini Egg Rolls

Garden Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing

Iced Tea with Lemon


As always, if you need assistance with any part of your wedding "ring the bells"


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