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It's A Piece of Cake - Wedding Cake That Is

The big box stores are not just for purchasing big screen TVs, bulk fruits and vegetables or filling up at tasting stations. They also have a wonderful bakery with talented cake designers. Stop by the bakery during your visit and watch the designers at work. More than likely on a Saturday morning you may see them preparing a wedding cake.

Yes! If you are budget conscious and would like to order a cake that looks great and taste good take a look at Sam’s Club and Walmart's wedding cakes.

Walmart has a 2 layer cake that serves 64 people. It's only $58.00! They also have a 3 layer cake that serves 134 people for $140.00. That's about $1.04 a slice. That’s an unbelievable value. They have many styles and colors to choose from. They have managed to keep up with the trends. However, check your local Walmart for details.

*This information was gathered from a Washington, DC suburb (Woodbridge, VA) Walmart. All Walmart stores do not have a bakery department.

Sam's also creates a sugar icing wedding cake. They create three tier cakes with all white icing. The only have a few designs to choose from. Their cake is only $69.00! WOW!


3 layer cake


  • 5 in. top layer

  • 8 in. middle layer

  • 10 in. bottom layer

  • Serves 66

Suggestion #1

I would like to share a little secret with you. You can order two cakes from Walmart (2 tier and 3 tier) and place one on a pedestal. This will make your cake table look grand without breaking the budget.

Suggestion #2

You can buy a sheet cake that will feed 48 people to go along with the three tier cake. Now you have enough cake for 100 guest . The catering staff will cut the cake in the prep kitchen so, "no one will ever know" (sshhhhh). This cake is the unbelievable price of only $36.00. WOW!

Sheet Cake


  • whole sheet

  • Serves 36-48

  • Store at room temperature (suggestion: place near air conditioning vents to keep cool in summer)

  • Resealable package with dome and lid

Before the bells has created an extensive Pinterest board of cake designs to inspire your creativity.



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